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Created in a fit of silliness - this is the claim_a_hat community, where you may claim your favourite hats from TV shows, musicals, anime, whatever. No more than two each, please - leave some hats for somebody else. Hats claimed so far include:

Abraham Lincoln's Stovepipe Hat - hollywoodbum
Angela's Kitty Hat (Queen of Wands) - shadowkitten87
Darth Vader's Helmet (Star Wars) - violetsocks
Dominic Moneghan's Black Hat - aknockout
Duo Maxwell's Black Cap (Gundam Wing) - vannadear
Fujiwara no Sai's Pimp Hat (Hikaru no Go) - abarero
Houjo's Pimp Hat (Inuyasha) - haro
Indiana Jones' Fedora (Indiana Jones) - violetsocks
Inuyasha's Bandana (Inuyasha) - haro
Inuyasha's Baseball Cap (Inuyasha) - jennybenz
Jayne Cobb's Orange Hat With Pom-Pom (Firefly) - darthsarah
Josh Groban's Tevye Hat (Fiddler on the Roof) - ironychan
Kouga's Furry Headband (Inuyasha) - nesslyquik
Kurusu's Paperboy Hat (GunParade March) - nesslyquik
Link's Green Hat (Legend of Zelda) - narugami
Miss America's Crown - darthsarah
Nami's Pink Cowboy Hat (One Piece) - zidane
The Phantom's Fedora (Phantom of the Opera) - fiendery
Pope Jean-Paul II's Mitre - hollywoodbum
Renkotsu's 'Head Thingy' (Inuyasha) - renkotsu_love
Ron Weasley's Knitted Hat with Pom-Poms (Harry Potter) - spectacular
Tohma's Hat (Gravitation) - bobbissimo
Zeff's Giant Chef Hat (One Piece) - abarero

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